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We are expecting our first Little Peanut in January, 2011!



A little about us



Once upon a time a babe-a-licious (BAL) chick walked into the Pioneer Bar in downtown Anchorage looking for a fun time with her friends. As the evening passed, BAL's attention was captured by the handsome good looks of a strapping young man(SYM) who was pouring drinks behind the bar. Although usually outspoken and charismatic, BAL became shy and introverted. She was too shy to approach SYM. After some prodding and poking from her pals, BAL asked SYM if he would be interested in grabbing some coffee some time. After 8 very  long, very very long months, SYM invited BAL out to dinner and took her to a house party in which all of his nearest and dearest friends were in attendance. Talk about pressure! Thank goodness they (and SYM) took a liking to BAL because they have been together ever since.


Zachary is a very caring, supportive, onary, and loving guy. He has been an amazing addition to my life and I know that he will make an even more amazing Dad. He is so great with my adorable little nieces and the man is a baby whisperer! What more could a girl ask for? He is a great balance to my stressed-by-nature, crazy, never ending rollercoaster personality. He has been my rock the past 2 1/2 years for everything I have experienced and I know that this new adventure will be the best adventure we will experience together. We are now planning for our future together, a future that I'm sure will be filled with sarcasm, laughter, and a whole lot of razzing!




This page is still under construction so please bare with us! Make sure to check out our blogs where we will keep everyone up to date on what is going on with us and please sign our guest book! We will also add some links to photos, etc. So check those out too!


Love to all!


Zach and Christine

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